All Caught Up!

I am officially all caught up on my editing, I don’t have one single session waiting to be edited! (that’s huge y’all.)

I have done some seriously awesome family sessions and newborn sessions lately. Here are just a couple pictures from a family session that had to be reschedule TWO times because of typhoons! Not even bad weather! TYPHOONS! But we finally snuck in a morning session and it was awesome. We had some of the worst picture day luck (because of typhoons) And then the day of they ran into some problems and were 45 minutes late, but that’s ok! Because when I got there, the location we had chosen was Closed. You guys… We had some serious bad luck, but in the end it all worked out!

I’ve been blessed with some seriously awesome families as clients, and I want to befriend I am so sad to be leaving! (But I am so excited for what Cali has to offer!)

I will miss these gorgeous locations; Here is another one of my favorite sessions as of late.
This family seemed to have flawless luck, and I’m so jealous. It seemed everything went smooth! All the kids smiled, and moms dress was just gorgeous (i had to ask her where she got it, because I *may* or *may not* be ordering one myself.

Also, can I just admit the fact that I always love getting pictures of just mom and dad? I feel like all the everyday pictures are always so centered around kids and either mom OR dad with the kids, that you don’t often get JUST mom and dad.
Have I ever mentioned how much I love my job, and my clients?!


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