Maternity Sessions rule!

For awhile all I had were maternity sessions, then those same mamma’s brought me their newborns, and all I had for awhile were newborn sessions. Now it’s slowed down, and I realized how much I really missed maternity sessions! This Mamma blew me away with how natural she was in front of a camera. She and her husband have such a connection they didn’t need much help posing, or telling them to smile, they just smiled, they just looked at each other with so much love; all I had to do was click away, and that I did. Here are just a couple more sneak peeks from this awesome couples gallery.

P.s We all know I’m a sucker for a perfect forehead kiss picture. It’s by far one of my favorite poses. The expressions of each person are amazing, and it’s so fun watching how much the men soften when they kiss the ones they love; and how each woman’s reaction is different, yet almost all of them smile. It’s such a sweet gesture that I feel is so underappreciated! #FOREHEADKISSESFOREVER! Seriously though. This session was just magical.


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