Why photography?

So many times, I get asked “why photography?” and for awhile I always just replied “It’s just always been a passion of mine.”. These day’s though, my answer is a little different. And here it is.
“Why photography, Hannah?”
Well, let me tell you. It has always been a passion of mine. And I didn’t realize how important that passion was, until just a few months ago. My life has been filled with wonderful moments, wonderful memories, wonderful friends and most of those moments with friends were captured with a cell phone… Well, cell phones break. I lost my best friend a year ago, and I don’t have one picture with her. I saw her almost every day, and I don’t have one single picture with her.

I was with my husband for almost 7 years, and traveled all over, and once again all those amazing moments were captured on a cell phone that I no longer have. I have a few cell phone pictures on facebook, but none a quality I’d want to print, and now as my marriage ends, I have nothing to give to my son for him to see that his father and mother were happy and so so in love.

And the main reason, my reason for specializing in maternity and birth photography. When I was pregnant, I hated it. I was so grateful for the life growing inside me, but I felt so huge, so uncomfortable and so not pretty. I didn’t see how beautiful pregnancy was. I also have NO pictures of me pregnant, besides the occasional belly selfie. My labor? Pft. Let’s just say it didn’t go as planned. And I. Missed. Everything. I was so out of it, I don’t remember my mom helping me or comforting me through labor. I don’t remember my husband seeing his son for the first time, I wasn’t even there in the room to see my baby boy get measured or weighed.  These are moments I don’t want any one else to miss. These are the moments I wish I had in an album full of pictures. That is why I choose photography.

I want mama’s to see that they are glowing. That they look like a queen that can take on the world.. That even though birth in and of itself is kinda icky, that the moments involved are priceless, beautiful moments. I promise you, invest in these moments. Invest in these memories, and there will not be a day that you regret it.


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