Darian & Gio- Chino Hills Maternity/couples Session

I. Love. Maternity sessions.

I actually found Darian because I was talking to my mom *Hi mom!* about how much I love maternity sessions, I mentioned that I hadn’t had as many maternity sessions out here. (I used to mainly do maternity and birth photography in Japan) I was telling her how I was going to probably put out a model call, so I could just have a fun maternity session to satisfy my artistic soul. Ha. She mentioned she worked with “A super cute pregnant person” and put Darian and I in contact. Darian is absolutely adorable and is indeed “a super cute pregnant person” haha. Darian brought Gio, her fiancé, and together they were absolutely, unbelievably adorable, and so willing to be adventurous. Thank you Darian and Gio for trusting me and being such good sports!

 Here is just a quick sneak peek/blog of their session.

(I’ve decided that I’m just going to blog sneak peeks now, because I love to many pictures to actually ever just post one.)


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