Big Bear couples session.

It’s definitely been awhile since I’ve posted! Far to long since I’ve blogged.

Ever since I got home from Japan, I’ve been begging my brother and his drop dead gorgeous girlfriend to let me take their pictures, they agreed but we could just never find the time, between me having a toddler, and them working all day during the week and me working on weekends there weren’t many opportunities.

But then. Big bear vacation happened. YES! YESSSSS! Mountains, lakes, trees, sun, cute couple. I was in heaven. Here’s a few pictures from our 20 minute session. I wish I would have had more time, because that golden sun just blew my mind, but it disappeared quickly. It was still flawless even when the sun disappeared, I loved how the pictures went from overwhelmingly golden (is that even a thing?) To a wonderful cool, almost film like vibe.

. We of course had to sneak in a picture or two with their adopted son. McGregor…. Aka a tiny TINY plastic dinosaur. Ha!



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