About me? Oh goodness. I’m a fan of lists, so that’s how I’ll explain myself (in no certain order). Here we go;

  • A momma bear with purple hair and tattoos
  • A lover of list making
  • A lover of Coffee, and tiny cafes with cool vibes
  • A lover of photography (obviously, hehe)
  • A lover of all things crafty (that doesn’t mean I DO anything crafty 😉
  • A fan of sarcasm
  • A fan of morning snuggles with my baby bear
  • I have lived in Okinawa, Japan for 3 years. I love it and the people; but am now moving back to Monrovia, California.
  • Family and church are vital parts of my life
  • I am a fan of change
  • I have a lot of energy; probably because I’m such a fan of coffee and tea, hehe.

So that about sums me up. I’m simple, I am me.