Rochelle and Daniel *WEDDING!*

I have literally never loved any pictures as much as I do these.

Let’s talk weddings for a minute… Or five..

Weddings are amazing. Whether they’re big, or small, fancy, or rustic. Weddings carry so so many amazing moments and traditions. Rochelle and Daniels wedding was so gorgeous, and there were multiple times I teared up, and was pretty glad I had a camera in front of my face.
Daniel and Rochelle are some of the kindest, happiest, most loving, selfless people I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Their wedding was filled with so much love, and joy, and so many wonderful surprises. Here are just a couple sneak peeks from Rochelle and Daniel’s wedding.

Congratulations you two.


Sydney & Brandon ~ Fullerton Graduation portraits.

I met Sydney at my first waitressing job when we were both babies, so when she sent me a message asking if I’d take her graduation portraits I seriously couldn’t wait, and then when she told me that she was graduating with her boyfriend and was wondering if I wanted to take his graduation pictures as well, I about died. And then when I saw them together, I died again. I work with so many couples and they were possibly my favorite couple of all time. They made each other laugh, and made me crack up. I didn’t even realize it but we spent almost two hours shooting. I was having so much fun!  Sydney, you are gorgeous and you are amazing. Thank you for thinking of me!
Brandon, You are seriously awesome. Thank you for being such a good sport and having fun. Thank you for trusting me with such important pictures!