Rochelle and Daniel *WEDDING!*

I have literally never loved any pictures as much as I do these.

Let’s talk weddings for a minute… Or five..

Weddings are amazing. Whether they’re big, or small, fancy, or rustic. Weddings carry so so many amazing moments and traditions. Rochelle and Daniels wedding was so gorgeous, and there were multiple times I teared up, and was pretty glad I had a camera in front of my face.
Daniel and Rochelle are some of the kindest, happiest, most loving, selfless people I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Their wedding was filled with so much love, and joy, and so many wonderful surprises. Here are just a couple sneak peeks from Rochelle and Daniel’s wedding.

Congratulations you two.


Sydney & Brandon ~ Fullerton Graduation portraits.

I met Sydney at my first waitressing job when we were both babies, so when she sent me a message asking if I’d take her graduation portraits I seriously couldn’t wait, and then when she told me that she was graduating with her boyfriend and was wondering if I wanted to take his graduation pictures as well, I about died. And then when I saw them together, I died again. I work with so many couples and they were possibly my favorite couple of all time. They made each other laugh, and made me crack up. I didn’t even realize it but we spent almost two hours shooting. I was having so much fun!  Sydney, you are gorgeous and you are amazing. Thank you for thinking of me!
Brandon, You are seriously awesome. Thank you for being such a good sport and having fun. Thank you for trusting me with such important pictures!

Darian & Gio- Chino Hills Maternity/couples Session

I. Love. Maternity sessions.

I actually found Darian because I was talking to my mom *Hi mom!* about how much I love maternity sessions, I mentioned that I hadn’t had as many maternity sessions out here. (I used to mainly do maternity and birth photography in Japan) I was telling her how I was going to probably put out a model call, so I could just have a fun maternity session to satisfy my artistic soul. Ha. She mentioned she worked with “A super cute pregnant person” and put Darian and I in contact. Darian is absolutely adorable and is indeed “a super cute pregnant person” haha. Darian brought Gio, her fiancé, and together they were absolutely, unbelievably adorable, and so willing to be adventurous. Thank you Darian and Gio for trusting me and being such good sports!

 Here is just a quick sneak peek/blog of their session.

(I’ve decided that I’m just going to blog sneak peeks now, because I love to many pictures to actually ever just post one.)

Chino Hills~ California~ Family Session

One of my favorite parts about being a photographer, and being back in California where my family lives, is the fact I get to take pictures of them now!

Chino Hills blew my mind. It was so pretty. I definitely plan on going out there more often, there was some amazing green, and then when the sun hit it just right, the whole valley got so golden. I can’t wait to do an engagement or maternity session there!

Let’s Elope!

Ruby and Josh were seriously a blast to work with. Ruby is just gorgeous and Josh looked so proud to be her man. I loved being able to work with them. I had originally chosen a gorgeous location in Chino Hills, and realized that with heels and a wedding dress + all the mud from the recent rains, it probably wouldn’t be a good mix. So the day before I made a quick change of location, and thankfully Ruby and Josh were on board. (Thank you guys! Ha.) Here are just a couple images of this elopement, that I totally loved.

It’s been a hot minute…

It’s definitely been a hot minute (aka, a really long time) since I’ve written a blog. I’ve been so bad about blogging any ways. But I have officially moved from Japan, and am now in California! I am SO excited, I have my first elopement booked, and an engagement booked already! I can’t wait to blog those two bad boys. But in the meantime, here are some pictures of my cute kid, and awesome dog as we drove from Seattle, Washington to Monrovia, California. (which, let me tell you is an extremely long drive… Ha!)  They aren’t my best work, but it’s the first time my kid saw snow! (In case you’re wondering he was not a fan, and neither was the dog.) It was an extremely long drive, we decided to drive straight through, our longest stop was about 2 hours (at this park). The beginning of our drive was rough, we got a flat tire at about 4 am in Washington, some tiny town, and there isn’t much open up there apparently… Not even a gas station! (whaaaat) but we found a super awesome guy at a truck stop who let us change our tire in his mechanic garage (you rock, random truck stop man!) since it was pouring rain and SO cold. But, we made it. We’re alive, and we’re all having a blast.  I can’t wait to get more work and start blogging my Sunny SoCal work!

Why photography?

So many times, I get asked “why photography?” and for awhile I always just replied “It’s just always been a passion of mine.”. These day’s though, my answer is a little different. And here it is.
“Why photography, Hannah?”
Well, let me tell you. It has always been a passion of mine. And I didn’t realize how important that passion was, until just a few months ago. My life has been filled with wonderful moments, wonderful memories, wonderful friends and most of those moments with friends were captured with a cell phone… Well, cell phones break. I lost my best friend a year ago, and I don’t have one picture with her. I saw her almost every day, and I don’t have one single picture with her.

I was with my husband for almost 7 years, and traveled all over, and once again all those amazing moments were captured on a cell phone that I no longer have. I have a few cell phone pictures on facebook, but none a quality I’d want to print, and now as my marriage ends, I have nothing to give to my son for him to see that his father and mother were happy and so so in love.

And the main reason, my reason for specializing in maternity and birth photography. When I was pregnant, I hated it. I was so grateful for the life growing inside me, but I felt so huge, so uncomfortable and so not pretty. I didn’t see how beautiful pregnancy was. I also have NO pictures of me pregnant, besides the occasional belly selfie. My labor? Pft. Let’s just say it didn’t go as planned. And I. Missed. Everything. I was so out of it, I don’t remember my mom helping me or comforting me through labor. I don’t remember my husband seeing his son for the first time, I wasn’t even there in the room to see my baby boy get measured or weighed.  These are moments I don’t want any one else to miss. These are the moments I wish I had in an album full of pictures. That is why I choose photography.

I want mama’s to see that they are glowing. That they look like a queen that can take on the world.. That even though birth in and of itself is kinda icky, that the moments involved are priceless, beautiful moments. I promise you, invest in these moments. Invest in these memories, and there will not be a day that you regret it.